About the Author

I’m a writer and bonafide animal advocate. When I’m not working, I’m writing, reading, taking care of my husband, our home, and several animals: horses, dogs, cats, rescuing prairie dogs and tiny mice that our outdoor prowler carries in to entertain the house-dwellers…I love animals so much I’m a doing my best vegan, which I impose on no one else.

I admit it, I’m a lousy homemaker but our house isn’t horrible, just a little disheveled. I get on it when the dust bunnies start peeking out from under things — We live in Arizona. There are ALWAYS dust bunnies. Since the kids moved on, I hate to cook even more, but thank goodness my husband can throw a meal together just as easy as I can. Yes, I do make him one of his favorites now and then and make sure we’re both eating healthier.

I think to write well, you have to read well — fiction and nonfiction. I have a few books in process but have finally stopped all the ADD nonsense to focus on a historical paranormal that I hope to present by summer 2018. My first published book, Christmas Cookies: A Delicious Manger Story is available. I hope it does well because I think the message is important.

You’re NOT a “wanna-be writer” if you’re actively writing. My advice is to relax and enjoy your craft. If it’s your dream to publish your works, then publish it and move on to your next project. Write on!