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I’ve put it off for YEARS.

Too many YEARS!

I could have…should have published YEARS ago.

In November 2007, Amazon introduced the Kindle and I discovered the ease of purchasing eBooks, of which I have accumulated a vast library – as if I have time to read them all!

Yet even as I dabble, I haven’t considered myself a candidate to have my own work published in that format to be showcased on a Kindle reader.

Why not?

Certainly I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the only one who can hold myself back because – lame excuse — it seems too hard – too technical.

Besides technology challenges, another hindrance has been my concern about those self-appointed critics who have something negative to say about everything. It chases me off Facebook every time. People can be so ruthless!

I’m just saying, if someone isn’t out there in the writer arena getting all bloody from the work it takes, his or her critical opinions are moot.

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. Some people will like my writing and others will beat it to death…publicly.


For me, it’s sink or swim. I’m 65 and scared about missing the published author boat. It is a big deal to me. So…. I commit this day to jump in the deep end feet first and swim for it. No life vest. Sink or swim.

There are virtually 100s and 100s of new books published every day – Intimidating, yes, but what the heck, they aren’t MY books with MY ideas and MY stories. Besides, I’m a reader, too, so why not join the club and get my stuff out there?

To accomplish this, I’ve set some goals – besides becoming a better housekeeper (until I can afford to hire one), I intend to write and publish 10 books before I turn 70. Trust me – it’s not so farfetched since I have at least 8 books in various stages of progress. I think most obsessed writers do.  It’s more a matter of which one to choose and then put in the time and focus–focus–focus.

And to prime that well, I recently dug out a little story I wrote decades ago for my own children. I’ve got the cover finished and I’m in final edit now.

That said, and since I genuinely want to help other writers make the leap by sharing what I learn along the, I’m starting a short series on the steps to publishing an EBook. I may even turn that series  into an EBook — you know, add it to the hundreds of others out there that are similar.  The best part is that MY EBook will be different because…ta-da..it’ll be MY book, expressed in MY own unique way.

If nothing else, remember this, thanks to the internet, there are zillions of readers out there always on the hunt for a good book. What you write is UNIQUELY YOURS. Your story, your style, and exactly what many of those readers are looking for. Never dis your own work! Never give up.

Jump in, the water’s fine.


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